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Welcome to my page and thank you for showing up.

I’ve been in business for over thirty five years, I have failed more times than I wish to remember. I started this new life at the age of Forty coming from a place of despair and uncertainty.  A few years later I have managed to re-invent myself in who I am today. In this second part of my life I’ve managed to build two global brands in personal development (NLP Life Training and The Best You) and I’ve managed to work and promote thousands of speakers many of them icons of mine, like Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Dr.Richard Bandler, Dave Asprey, Mastin Kipp, Jim Kwik, Sharon Lecther, just to name a few and promoted events in multiple locations all over the world with close to seventy thousand attendees.

I am now helping others achieve their dreams, and I do so so my brands and services but mainly through my speaking engagements, my events, books, online courses, my coaching and mentoring.

Bernardo Moya

Out of all things I have learned from life, from being in business, from my NLP Training and learning from the greats is that the difference between a winner and one that looks at winners… Is MINDSET.

I help speakers, authors, coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs and individuals find the power within, but most importantly I fast forward their careers and personal lives with tips, advice, knowledge and expertise that has taken me years and cost me millions of dollars. I love coaching, and mentoring people, I love people taking advantage of my platform.

Watch my latest talk at The Best You Virtual EXPO in LA titled: “Time To THINK About Everything – Nothing. The Art of Being More”

Second video is about my story. My Reinvention.

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The Power of The Question E-course

The Power of The Question E-Course

What are you here for?

1. What are you here for?

Bernardo will share why answering this Question is absolutely essential in figuring out your calling.

The Wrong Questions

2. The Wrong Questions

Asking yourself the wrong questions can lead to a life of struggle, complacency and disappointment. Becoming aware of your internal dialogue and how you can change it, will set you free.

Empowering Questions

3. Empowering Questions

Asking yourself empowering questions helps you see the world with greater optimism.

Success; What It Is And What It Is Not

4. Success; What It Is And What It Is Not

This video will challenge and share what success really is. It’s not necessarily what you think.

Finding Your Purpose. Creating a Legacy

5. Finding Your Purpose. Creating a Legacy

Finding your purpose is key. With a strong purpose comes fulfilment, happiness & joy. It helps you get clear on what YOU are here for…what your legacy will be.

How to Embrace Change

6. How to Embrace Change

In this video Bernardo shares the importance of embracing change and how it an integral part of growing & evolving.
Honesty and Questions

7. Honesty and Questions

In this video he stresses the importance of honesty with others, but MOST importantly YOURSELF!!

The One BIG Question

8. The One BIG Question

In this video Bernardo helps you understand how we all can help to make the world a better place.
Ultimately, what’s your Question?

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