One of the reasons why I created The Best You was because I didn’t see a platform out there that was similar to ours. I just didn’t see it. The industry of personal professional growth has been very insular and I mean by that is that its people, brands, international speakers have done their own thing. So Tony Robbins has done his own thing, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna. So it’s a fragmented industry and there wasn’t a place where all these great thinkers could share their ideas or expertise. Because everyone’s so generous, there’s so many generous people, coaches, entrepreneurs, athletes, or business, they want to share their story. So I wanted, having done already live events with NLP Life Training specifically around NLP. I started looking at what was missing and that’s where I came up with the idea of The Best You.

So it had to be multi-platform. So always in my mind, I’ve always thought things big. They had to be big. We had to be global. So I always thought we had to have a magazine. We had to have a publishing aspect. I wanted to have a store. I wanted to have a TV. I wanted to have an online platform and obviously the live events. So it had to be multi-platform. Had to be in many languages, and we had to reach lots of people.

So I came up with that concept of The Best You, and we started with a magazine. Then we went onto the live events. It was only in 2020, when looking back at what I’d managed to achieve in 10 years, that I really kind of acknowledged, you know what? I’ve actually managed to achieve quite a lot of things. I’ve done a lot in these last 10 years considering I was starting from scratch. I could have probably done it a lot quicker. I could have definitely saved a lot of money. But on the other hand, I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned so much. I have so much experience now. So much experience. So much knowledge. So much wisdom. So many things that I know that you shouldn’t do that can save time and money.

So for me, it doesn’t make much sense for people to go and try and build a global platform because I’m telling you it’s tough. It’s hard. It takes a lot of time. If I would have had a platform like The Best You, trust me, I would be speaking there, I would. Because I promoted Richard Bandler, I promoted Paul McKenna, and I promoted many other people and they love it. Why? Because it’s all taken care of. So I just simply don’t understand why people would go and build a platform if there’s no need. So OPP, that’s one of the things I teach in my coaching program, other people’s platforms. Use other people’s platforms, and there’s so many other platforms out there that you can promote yourself, so take advantage of it because they already have the reach.

So we’re there and this can literally reduce years, and it can speed the process of becoming a global brand, just like that. And it’s that brand association, it’s being associated with a brand like us, and I invite you, just check a lot of the speakers that have spoken at our event, and just Google them, any of them and you’ll see that quite likely, quite likely, 70, 80, 90% of them will appear probably on page number one or two associated with The Best You.

So that’s the whole idea of being associated with a brand and then having said, Hey, I’ve spoke at, but it’s also helps you because we put a lot of content out there. So we rank quite highly in Google in many different ways. So I highly recommend work with us. Find a platform, don’t create one. There’s no need, save time, save money, make it happen, make it happen now. Thank you so much.


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