Virtual. Well look, the world has changed very quickly, very quickly, and it’s here to stay, and one of the things that I have shared in some previous videos is the idea around how excited I am about this opportunity. I think you’ve got to look at everything that happens to you as an opportunity. It’s happening for a reason, how can I take advantage of it, and it’s meant to be. Now, virtual is here to stay. I’ve always wanted to do my events … I wanted to stream them, I wanted to reach more people, I wanted to get people to attend our expos virtually. So I’m very excited about this, because I think it will allow us to grow even more and have more of a global reach quicker, a lot quicker. So the idea around versus live, let me tell you, look, when it comes down to a live event, what happens is we market the event together, and let’s say we have 14-15,000 people attend like we’ve done in London or any of the other previous expos.

So we’ve had 14-15,000 people. You’ve got a booth and you’ve got a speaking slot. Let me ask you, how are you going to collect that data? How are you going to connect with people? Well, unless you literally talk to them, shake their hand, ask them for their contact details, i.e. they give you a business card or you scan them or you ask for their name and email address and you write them down, and then unless at your talk a lot of them engage with you, come up and talk to you, and once they give you their contact details so you can talk business and maybe have a coaching session or download your book or whatever it is that you’re offering, you’re not necessarily going to be able to collect the data or the information of thousands of people. And that’s a fact, it’s a live event.

There’s so much you can do in two days. There’s so many people you can connect and engage with in that period of time. Now, the advantage with a virtual is that basically anyone that comes and attends has a profile, so you can connect with each and every one of them. Everyone has a profile. There’s nothing stopping you from being able to connect with each and every one of them. When people come up to your booth, the moment they chat, the moment they talk to you, the moment they engage with you, the moment they do anything, they download your book, they buy your offer, whatever it is, you’re already collecting that data. So the virtual boots that we have, for example, allow you to have your Zoom. So you can talk to people. You can engage with people. You can literally have free 15 minute consultations.

And the other thing we’re doing is we’re doing it for seven days. So you have so much more opportunities to contact people throughout the seminar. You don’t have to be there for the seven days nonstop, but you can have someone in your team, you could have someone responding to them. The idea is that you can collect a lot of data that you couldn’t do because you’ve got so much more. The other thing is the talks. So if someone registers to your talk, which you’re using your Zoom, by the way, or your Google or Facebook, whatever. You are now engaging with them, and you’re collecting the data as you’re in your Zoom. You can ask them, “Hey, if you put your contact details here, I’ll give you whatever,” and then you’re collecting that data, but apart from that, we are collecting that data because when they register for your talk, even if they don’t show up, we have that information so you can contact them and you can reach out to them.

So that’s another way, and so you were collecting the data for people that registered that don’t even show up, you’re collecting the data from the people that do show up, you’re collecting the information and their contact details when they connect and engage with you at your booth throughout the seven days, and as far as I’m concerned, you just can’t do that in a live event. So there’s so much more opportunities and so much more advantage of you collecting that data with a virtual event versus a live. That’s why I think it’s very exciting, and in particular, with the type of software that we’re using, where you have a page where you can have an offer where people can download whatever it is that you’re offering, as I said, you can use your Zoom, where they can buy your products, I think it’s just a beautiful opportunity.

And then additionally to that, hey, where do you want to speak? Because they might be in LA, it might be in Dallas, it might be in Miami, it might be in London, it might be in Dubai, and more locations coming. So at the end of the day, I think that the virtual and the virtual expos are so exciting and are here to stay, because I really see us having tens and 20 and hundreds of thousands of people connecting throughout that week, because we have an amazing array of talks, of entertainment, of inspiring dancing, inspiring all sorts of great things that are happening there throughout the week. We are engaging with them in inspiration. That’s what we do. Normally we teach people how to dance salsa or we cure phobias, or we might have someone play music. That’s the whole idea. We’re going to be engaging with them throughout the whole week, and that’s why I think the best you expose it virtually with the different locations we have and the potential opportunities for you to connect with so many more people and really connect with them in a deeper level than you probably could even with a live, I think is very, very exciting. So I hope you join us because it’s going to be an amazing journey. Thank you.


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