A good friend of mine, Michael Butler, Beyond Publishing, mentioned to me. And there’s a good plug for you, Michael. Basically he mentioned to me about the idea of becoming a bestselling author. And he said, “If you want to become a best selling author, you know where it should be, you should do it in India because that’s where most books, English speaking books are sold.” Obviously there’s billions of people there. Now my question to you is, are you interested in going global or global global? Because look, we’re all global. The moment you have a phone, that you are on Instagram and the moment you have a Facebook Live and the moment you’ve got an email list with people from all over the world, you’re global. But are you global or are you global global? And what I mean by that is look, why would you just promote, or why would you just speak at your local country or city or town or even continent? Why wouldn’t you go really, really global?

So that’s what the Best You Expo offers you. It offers you the opportunity for you to be able to get involved in speaking in all the upcoming virtual events that we’ve got. Now at the moment, right now, as I’m doing this video, we’ve got scheduled LA, Dallas, Dubai, which is just going to be announced literally in the next 24, 48 hours, Miami and London. The Miami one’s going to be focused more on the Latino market. So there’s more to come. There’s a lot more to come. There’s a lot more locations to come and there’s more opportunities for you to be able to get involved. So my question to you is look, if you’re really interested in taking advantage of what we have right now, which is a world that is focusing more on online, virtual, you’ve got to go all in.

You’ve got to go all in because right now there’s people that are desperate to learn because, hey, there’s no opportunities to get in public places anymore. There’s no opportunities to travel or not as much as there was before. So it’s a great time. And it’s a great opportunity for you to go all in. Look, this is not a time to hold back. This is a time for you to really think about how can I become an international global speaker that could reach millions of people, not tens of thousands, millions of people. Well, the answer is, hey, get involved in events like ours. The Best You Expo gives you the opportunity. It gives you the opportunity for you to be able to all of a sudden, be speaking to a market in different worlds. Now some of you might be saying, well, Bernardo, if it’s a virtual, why’d you call it Mumbai? Or why do you call it … Sorry, why do you call it Dubai? Why do you call it London? Why do you call it Dallas?

Well, the fact is, is that although anyone and everyone can get involved and anyone and everyone can speak, but at the end of the day they are in completely different time zones. So we will be doing the marketing and the speakers and exhibitors will mainly be from the local areas, but there’s nothing stopping me in speaking in the event in Mumbai, when we do have it in Mumbai, or when we have it in Dubai, there’s nothing stopping us. It’s just the level of commitment that I can have. But what we will be doing is marketing. So we get a lot of the local businesses and a lot of the local attendees, a lot of the people watching these expos will obviously be more local or from the area. That’s why we obviously call them by cities, but it is more around the idea of time zones.

So my suggestion to you is look, go all in, make sure that you really look at going global, global, okay? Because I think this is probably one of the most exciting times in this century, without a doubt. I think it’s an amazing opportunity for you to really tenfold your career, fast forward, kickstart and get where you need to be now so you can rise to the top. Thank you so much.


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