What does it take to build a brand? It takes time, it takes money, it takes resources, connections, and also a very clear strategy and plan.

Now I’ve come across a lot of brand experts that might provide you the insight on what a brand could or should look like and maybe a clear mission statement, but then they leave you alone to go out there and do it. I’ve been trying to calculate how long and how much money it’s cost me to build The Best You, for example. I can tell you it probably easily, and it’s a big between $2 to $3 million. I would say probably close to $3 million. If I add all the team that I’ve had, the people that helped me supported me with social media, creating all sorts of decks, all sorts of logos, email campaigns to collect data, collecting the data, paying for that CRM, running events, promoting events, spending money on Facebook, publishing the magazine, creating The Best You Online and so on is easily around that much money.

One of the things that I really want to emphasize the idea of OPP, other people’s platforms. When I started there, wasn’t a brand like ours. One that could really help you and assist you to hold your hand that provides you not only the know-how but the connections and the processes and steps to implement something in a relatively short period of time and for a fraction of the price. What if I told you that you could spend maybe 1% of what I’ve spent, of my $2 or $3 million and you could have massive brand exposure within a relatively short period of time? Well, quite rightly, obviously you should be interested. Now when it comes down to creating a brand, as I said, I think it’s important to obviously have a very clear mission or a very clear statement. What is it?

What makes you unique? Why do you stand out? Why should people connect with you? Then the holistic approach of looking at your brand? What is it you do? What is it you want to do? What type of customers do you want to connect with? What your habits are like, how are you going to generate revenue? In what order? What products do you create? What platforms do you use to speak? Where can you get your articles and content out? How can you reach hundreds of thousands of people, and so on, and so on? I provide very clear strategies based on my experience, based on building a number of brands, not only in this life, in my personal development life, but also in my previous real estate life. I mean, I’ve been an entrepreneur for 35 years. I’ve built and created so many brands.

I can’t even remember. Not all of them have succeeded, but all of them had an international approach and a very professional approach. In my opinion. I’ve always used great graphic designers. I’ve always used it. I think, videographers, great copywriters. I think if you look at a lot of the stuff that we’ve done over the years, through The Best You, it comes across as a brand that is credible. I hope it does. That’s kind of what we do. That’s what I try and provide help to the people that I coach, the people that I mentor. I want to insist, even if you didn’t decide to work with me, I want to insist on using other people’s platforms.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t go out there and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds in trying to build a brand and take as long as it can take, which is years when you can do it in a fraction of that time. Do your research. Find out who can provide you the best exposure and can provide you that reach that you need, and that can help you and provide those customers that you’re trying to connect with, with the idea that you are the brand. You are the company, you are the coach, the trainer that people need to work with.

It needs to be … Everything needs to be aligned with your values of what you believe in. It also obviously has to look 100% professional and cutting edge and looking at what a real brand or a global international brand looks like. That’s what it is. Thank you so much.


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