One of the things that I think is an advantage of the virtual events that we’re living now is that (and I really believe that a lot of people not really understanding this) there’s so much more data than you can collect when you are in a virtual event.

My experience is when it comes down to a live event unless you’re very, very, very proactive, and I haven’t seen that many people that are very proactive, unless you’re very proactive, you’re going to struggle to collect hundreds or thousands of names and email addresses. And I’m talking about when you used to go when you were involved in a live event. With virtual events now, you don’t necessarily need that many people to be able to collect and connect with many people, and for you to translate that into potential results, into potential people that you could work with and do business with.

I’ve experienced, with a very small number of people, with a very small number of people, some great connections being made, but also a lot of business being done. And one of the other things that I think that people underestimate is when you’re going to an event when you’re going to be involved in a virtual event, are the networking opportunities and the connections that you can make. And I’m not talking about the potential customers and clients. You see, a lot of people tend to focus on that a bit too much in my opinion.

I think the real business is done with the people that are in the room there with you. It’s the connections that they have. It’s your opportunity for you to exchange podcast interviews. Or it’s an opportunity for you to ask them for referrals. It’s an opportunity for you to maybe invite them to speak at one of your events, or them invite you to speak at one of their events, and so on. That’s where the real business is done. And the value of that is phenomenal.

So please, when it comes down to being involved in a virtual event, it isn’t necessarily about the numbers. It’s more about the quality of your work, and it’s the quality of the connections that you make. And obviously it’s in the followup. Again, a lot of people don’t necessarily follow up and they collect these names and email addresses and never, ever follow them up, or they don’t keep a good record of who these people are and how they can definitely connect with them in the future and do business. So thank you so much. Take care. Have a great day, and may the best to be with you.



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