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Hey, Bernardo here. One of the things I’ve seen over the years is that especially now, I mean, I think it’s easy to see now, we’re all in the new, it’s a new reality. In the past, you couldn’t learn from home. Kids have to go to school. Doctors could not cure, attend, or see patients from home. And you couldn’t work from home. And there are all these other things that you couldn’t do. You couldn’t speak from home, you couldn’t engage with people from home. You couldn’t necessarily have a business online from home. So there are all these things that weren’t a reality just a few months ago but they are now. So the thing that I’m seeing is like a lot of you I’m learning as you go along and I’m seeing how the trends are changing.

There’s so much noise online. Who do you follow? What do you read? What do you see? So everything is changing and it’s changing in front of our eyes and it’s changing so quickly. And the thing is, is that the only way that I necessarily know how to do things or to learn is by practicing. Now, I read a lot. I look at trends, I see what people do. And I try to obviously follow within reason, but there’s a time when you’re going to have to step forward and find your own way, which is being a leader. You have to lead. And when you’re a leader what can happen sometimes is that people don’t understand where you’re taking them and they’re going to start questioning this, and why are you doing that, and why didn’t you do it this way, or why didn’t you do that? And that’s where persistence is required. That’s where patience is required. That’s where you need to stay calm. Because it’s very easy, it’s very easy for other people to criticize you when you’re trying to do something, when you’re trying to do something that’s innovative.

I’ve experienced this a lot of times, all my life in all the businesses that I’ve had. And sometimes it brings you down. It can bring you down. I don’t allow it to necessarily bring me down. But what I’m saying is that it can be a lonely place. But it’s that persistence that you have and you have to have, it’s that resilience within you to know that you’re on the right path. And if you’re not on the right path, what you got to do is just simply maneuver slightly to the right, slightly to the left, and adapt and carry on adapting and carry on adapting and carry on adapting until you get it right. So keep on my friend, keep being persistent, and keep on going forward, and keep moving forward, and never give up. And never allow those critical people, and those people that are simply watching, those people are simply talking, those people that are simply criticizing, bring you down. So carry on. Carry on and never, ever, ever, ever give up. Thank you so much. Take care. Have a great day.


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