I did a webinar recently and I was talking about Netflix.

And my question to you, is Netflix wrong? Is Apple TV wrong? What about Amazon Fire or Google, are these guys wrong? I mean, I’m asking because you see, they’re moving towards Smart TV. They have understood, I mean, Netflix has estimated it’s going to have around 400 million viewers in the next two to three years, there are close 200 million now. If these guys have built these phenomenal platforms, which is really focusing on allowing people to watch when they want to watch, which is what it’s all about, on-demand, well, can they be wrong? And the answer is no, they’re not. You see, if you’re as old as I am, well, you’ll appreciate that many years ago, the only thing you had was three channels and you had to watch it when you had to watch it.

But now it’s completely different.

It’s very changed. It’s nothing like that anymore. You see, because you might want someone to watch you now because you’re running an event and it’s live, or it’s virtual and it’s now. But people will watch it when they want to watch it because it’s an oversaturated world, with lots of information thrown at you. And you can’t see everything at the time, but you can see what you want to watch when you want to watch it. And people will binge TV. It’s a new concept that came from, obviously, this on-demand that we have right now.

My suggestion to you is, appreciate, understand, learn, model, from the big companies.

If all these big companies, which are the biggest in the stock, are actually moving that way, shouldn’t you be following? Shouldn’t you be starting to prepare yourself to make sure that you have the content available on-demand? And you do that by having it either on an online platform, or you do that by being on TV. That’s it. Now, personal development is no better than anything else. Everything else is on-demand, so why wouldn’t you? My question is, why wouldn’t you as a speaker, as a coach, as a trainer, as a therapist, as an expert, as a brand, as a company, why would you not want to be on TV? What would you not be on TV? There’s no answer. The answer is you have to, you have to be there. You need to follow the trends. And that’s kind of the things that I like doing, that’s what I like, really looking at what’s happening. I’m reading a lot, I’m reading a lot about the new trends. 5G, 5G isn’t only about phone, it’s about all the technology it brings, electric vehicles, the amount of data that’s been uploaded and downloaded every day.

The cloud, looking at the new companies that are floating like snowflake.

You’ve got to be looking at the new trends, so you’ve got to read about these things. You’ve got got to be ahead of the game. I like doing that. That’s what I do. I like coaching and advising people on the new trends or the things that they should be doing. Some people would say, “Well, what are you doing?” Well, yeah, you’ve got to be ahead of the game. Right now, online and virtual events, with anyone and everyone with a Zoom account, or if Facebook has a license to run an event. In the past, there was only X amount of companies that used to do big events. Now there’s thousands, thousands. You’re competing in a very, very competitive market. Over-saturated, where at the end of the day, the winners are them, Facebook. They make all the money, they will show what they want to show, and you’re going to have to pay them a lot of money to get people, and guess what? You might not get the amount of people that you want, or you need.

Watch the trends, get on TV, get online. Don’t waste any time, do it now. Stand out, rise to the top. That’s my suggestion, that’s what I believe in.

I’m Bernardo Moya, I approve this message. May the best be with you. Thank you.


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