Many people ask me why or how did I come up with the idea of the Best You and that the idea is around.

Well, I started with NLP. NLP was what really got me interested in personal development. I always read all the grades, but it was NLP that put me on the map. And I love the idea of the concept of the study of excellence, which is basically what NLP is. One of the many things that it is. And I wanted to create a platform where people could learn from the greats and the best. And I came up with this idea, this concept of The Best You, and it’s there to help and enhance people’s lives. And what was happening at that time is it wasn’t there. It wasn’t created. And I’ve always seen a lot of people talking about becoming the best you becoming the best you can be, but I didn’t see a platform like that.

So I came up with it. And it always had to be multi-platform in my mind. It had to be multi-platform. We had to have an app. We had to have a magazine. We had to have a lot of events. We had to have an online platform, a TV. So it was always multi-platform. We eventually got there. And it always had to be global. And that’s one of the reasons that I’m so excited about this new reality now where people can log in and watch any event anywhere in the world with, you know, what’s happened to us.

So I am a great believer that out of every adversity, as Napoleon Hill says, comes an equal or greater opportunity. So luckily, or thankfully, because I lost everything and I had to start all over again at the age of 38, and I got into something that I’d never done before, which was promoting and running events. I came up with something that was needed and I wasn’t scared to do so. And at my age now I’m still not scared to reinvent myself and to do whatever it takes to succeed or to stand out. And that’s what I hope we can provide you with The Best You and our platform for you to believe that you have to live and can live a life without limits.

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