I love riding my motorcycle because it’s something that allows me to really stay focused and stay in the now.

Over the years, I started riding when I was around I think 13 or 14. Since then, I’ve always had at least one motorbike, if not several. I started riding off-road and then I’ve had quite a few road bikes. I just love it. I’ve been very lucky. It’s just been such an eye-opening opportunity to be able to ride in so many of the countries that I’ve been. I’ve been in Vietnam riding, I’ve been in South Africa. I’ve been in Madagascar. I’d been in Canada, some parts of the US but not much. I’d love to do it a lot more. I’ve done obviously Spain. I’ve crossed France a couple of times. I’ve done Northern Ireland recently. This trip I did in Northern Ireland was beautiful. It was absolutely amazing because I literally took like two weeks just to ride all around the island, which is such a beautiful country. It was just so green.

What I love about the riding is that if you’re a rider you will obviously understand that, and if you don’t, well, literally, you have to be in the now.

Why? Because you have to be paying attention to the road. Obviously, there’s a couple of times where if you’re in the straight, you can look right and you can look left to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but normally, if not, you would stop. You would stop and enjoy the scenery, which is always beautiful because you’re really living it and enjoying it. But if you are riding, you just get these, wow, wow, wow, wow, these wow moments of this beautiful scenery that you’re saying. You’re present. You’re present all the time.

I need it because it recharges me. It allows me to spend a lot of time thinking, because when you’re driving through motorways and you’ve got more time to think, but you still have to be very focused. Being in the now, being focused, being able to really have time to think, that downtime is essential; essential to be able to, I believe, to be a creative and successful entrepreneur. You can’t be working nonstop without having that downtime. For me, and I’m a workaholic and I have been all my life and I regret that to a degree, I always at least have a ride if I can on the weekends, any day that’s nice. I always make sure that at least once a year, if not twice a year, I have a good ride at least for a week or a couple of weeks.

It’s something that’s been one of the most beautiful things that I’ve done in my life. My kids also ride. I started riding with them when they were very young. They were like three or four; four and five, probably. They were so small when I got them these really small motorbikes that we were riding off-road.

It’s been a beautiful experience for me and I highly recommend that. If you’re not a biker, it’s fine. But then take that downtime.

Take that downtime to find that place and that space where it’s only about you, where you’ve got time to think.

I was reading or watching, sorry, a documentary about inside the brain of Bill Gates in Netflix, which I highly recommend. He has these think weeks where he literally takes a couple of hundred books because he normally reads like 20 books a week anyways. He takes these hundred or 200 books and he just spends a whole week thinking. A whole week thinking, or two, or whatever he takes. If this is probably… Well, he is definitely one of the wealthiest men on the planet, and if he’s done so well for himself, and he’s obviously one of the most intelligent men on the planet, and he spends a week or two weeks thinking, I think we should learn from him and learn from that.

I take these times to think. I take these times to reflect. I take these times for me. I highly recommend that you take maybe your think week and put that into your life, moving forward. Thank you so much. Take care. Have a good day.

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