Thank you so much.

I’m just sending you this very brief video because in the past, you’ve submitted or requested to become part of our crew at some point. So I wanted to, first of all, thank you. Thank you for being part of The Best You community. I hope you’re taking advantage of a lot of the resources we have, The Best You online, The Best You magazine. If you would like to submit any articles, if you would like to maybe get involved in The Best You online or partner with us, please make sure that you do because we’ve got so many opportunities for speakers, people that are transitioning that want to stand out in the industry. But the reason I’m sending you this video is because look, we’re looking for crew. We’re looking for staff. We’re looking for people that want to join us on this new journey. The new journey and the new course that The Best You is on now.

So if you would like to get involved, either as an advisor, someone that can speak to the thousands and thousands of customers that we have and might want to work with them, help them, advise them on the best way that they can get involved with The Best You. Either through The Best You online, The Best You TV or any other platforms, well, we’re looking for people. It is on a commission-only basis, but we have thousands of clients, friendly customers that are interested in working with us and there’s a great revenue scheme for you if you wanted to find out. We’re looking for at least four days a week, we’re also considering maybe some part-timers. But anyway, let us know. If you want to maybe support us in one of the events as crew, maybe you are an event manager. Maybe you want to get involved as I said, professionally, maybe you’re ready to take action and get involved in The Best You online or speaking at The Best You Expo, again, reach out to us.

But I want to thank you so much, just this very brief video, and please, I hope you join us at The Best You Expo. I’m going to be sending this email out to date. The Best You Expo is this weekend. So I hope you join us. I’m going to put a couple of links in the email below. Thank you so much. Take care and may the best to be with you. Lots of love.

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