I’m going to be selfish. The Title of my next book is called “Selfish Development”

In my latest book is called The Quest to Find a True Purpose, and it ends with the idea of selfish and being selfish, and selfish development.

So I’ve spent my last 10, 11 years promoting over a thousand speakers, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna. I’ve given the stage so many great people. Dave Asprey, Sharon Lechter, Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, you name it. So many great speakers and I’ve been dedicating my life, these last 10, 11 years of my life, to helping people enhance their lives to become a better version of themselves through The Best You platform, BUT..

I’m going to be selfish at the beginning of 2021 once I run and finish the Best You Expo in Miami and then London. I’m going to be focusing a little bit more on myself personally, on how I can share my message, how I can do more, and how I can create more awareness of the things that I believe in and the things I believe to be true.

I intend to working with a group of people, but a very limited amount of people because I’m going to be focusing more, as I said, in my own career.

It’s simply about being a little bit selfish, I need to take care of me for a bit!

I feel that it’s my time. I see the work that I’ve done and the platform that I provided a lot of people, I love it don’t get me wrong, and it’s been so enriching and it’s been so fulfilling to see how I provided the stage to so many great people and how thousands and thousands of people have “experienced and learned from The Best You, I see the impact that it had but its a big job, its not an easy one.

Les Brown….

In my recent EXPO Les Brown, said some beautiful things, he said “God put you on this planet for this reason, to do this work”….I’ll confess I was in tears (it was probably one of the highlights of my career), you can watch his talk on The Best You Online) So many great people have said so many beautiful things about what I do and why I do it and why I should continue to do it, but I feel that there’s a time that one has to be looking after oneself. In this case is going to be at the beginning of next year.

I lost my hair..

I’m going to be focusing more on my career, I’m going to be focusing more on how I can help a very small group of people for them to go out there and then make a big, massive difference on the planet, too, because I’ve been doing it for quite some time. I started with a lot of hair. I’ve got no hair now, and it was all black and now it’s all gray.

If you want to take advantage of the platform and you still want to take advantage of The Best You, The Best You Expo, The Best You Online, The Best You TV.. well, there is still opportunities for you, especially for the upcoming events, but after that we’ll see what happens…

But I’ve been very proud of my career, very proud of what I’ve managed to do and achieve, but I’m going to be taking care of number one for a little while.

I’ll be taking care of a small group of people so I can focus more on my message and making sure that we can reach more people through my beliefs of making the world a better place.

Thank you so much and I hope to see you soon, and I hope to work with you.

Take care, May The Best Be With You.


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