“This is a God moment to me because you, as much as you have chosen this path, you were chosen for this work. When I was told that it was you, I was so excited. It’s because it’s your calling. And my goal is to work with people who have a calling on their life like you. I admire you.”

~Les Brown to Bernardo Moya

“They just had a study that came out yesterday that said that people who are optimistic, have a spirit of optimism, they live longer than people who are negative, who are toxic. And so, because we could look at problems and see the opportunities. Negative people look at opportunities and they see the negatives. So we are what, Robert Schuller would call, possibility thinkers called “Posibilitarians”.

We live from that place of power to leave the world in better shape than how we found it.”

~Les Brown

“Les Brown, we thank you for speaking in our The Best You Expos and can not wait to collaborate with you and create even more possibilities.”

~Bernardo Moya


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