I wanted to share this video message with you as kind of the last video really, pretty much, for the year.

And I want to thank you so much for your support, your help. I want to thank you for being part of The Best You, The Best You community. I hope we’ve helped you, inspired you. I hope we’ve connected you with some great thought-provoking leaders. And well, listen, 2020 is nearly over. And I think we would agree that probably all of us are pretty happy it nearly is. A lot of people have done very well. They’ve thrived in this period. But the bottom line, it’s been a very challenging year for many, many people all around the world. And a lot of people are still struggling. And I think the reality is kicking in that 2021 isn’t necessarily going to be much different, at least for a little while.

Why? Because, obviously, the vaccine has got to roll out. You need at least 60, 70% of the population. A lot of people are still in lockdown, and it’s still going to be around, I think, for quite a few months. So when you look at that and you look at what we’ve gone through, you think, “Oh my God, how can we deal with it?”

I wanted to share with you the three things that I would suggest you do, you focus on for 2021. Because I think it could be a phenomenal year, but it could also be quite challenging, depending on your approach to it. So, number one, the first thing I would like you to really explore and look into is to partner, to stick together. I think this is a time when, if you have a partner, if you have a friend, if you have a loved one, this is a time when you need to stick together. This is a time when you need each other, to help each other, to get through it. It’s also a time when you need to partner. You need to, at a time when cash might be a little bit more scarce than normal, well, maybe it’s about partnering. It’s about building amazing partnerships where you can embrace and enhance each other, and you can really grow exponentially together.

1.Partnering, sticking together with loved ones and making sure that you’re there for them and making sure that they’re there for you is going to make it easy. So it has to be the year of partnership. It has to be the year where we’re exchanging services. This has to be the year when we’re growing and learning from this. And when the outcome comes, hopefully we’re in a much better, stronger place than we were before.

The second thing I would recommend you to do is to make sure that you share love. I think it’s a time when, looking at what we’ve gone through, there’s a lot of people that are alone. A lot of people are alone. A lot of people that don’t have someone. There’s a lot of people that don’t have someone that can give them the love and support that they might need. So I think it’s a time to share love. If anything, my focus for 2021 is to really explore what does love mean.

I’m actually in the process of writing a book around love and really digging as deep as I can and asking the questions that I think we should all ask ourselves because, ultimately, it’s what we all need. We all need, we all want, we all seek, we all deserve love. So sharing the love, making sure that you’re there for someone. Calling, texting, FaceTiming is what people need in these times, and continue to do so. I hope you have. And I hope that it really is something that we continue to do in 2021.

And number three is do something big.

Do something different.

Be the light. And I think people are looking, they’re looking for inspiration. They’re looking for people that have a positive outcome on what’s going on. They’re looking for people where they can see that their life can definitely get better. But I would really recommend you to do something wild, something that’s ridiculous. Look, if you have a family and, obviously, you’ve got kids, well, you can’t even consider moving or leaving the country and going somewhere else. And it might sound wild, but why would you do that now? Well, at the end of the day, why not? Maybe do something that you’ve never done before, that you never thought you would do before. There’s so many things that you can learn. There’s so many things that you could teach. There’s so many things that can change your life dramatically. But do something big. Plan to do something that really scares you.

If you do that, and you start looking at the opportunities that this situation that we’re going through gives you still, well, hopefully it’s going to not only enhance your life and change your life but, hopefully, as I said, you’re going to become the light for many other people. So that’s my advice. Those are my tips for 2021. Make sure that you partner, you stick together with loved ones, and you support each other, because it’s a time when we need help and support.

Number two is you share the love. Let everyone know that you’re there for them. And hopefully, it comes back to you as well. Everyone needs, everyone deserves love. And number three is to make sure, obviously, that you do something that is big, something that’s scary, something that excites you, that scares you, but takes you and puts you in a place where, at the end of it, you will feel really proud of yourself and very excited.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you, if I don’t get an opportunity, which I’m sure I will, I’ll send you an email to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy Christmas, but I also wanted to wish you all the best for 2021 and may the best be with you.

Thank you so much. Take care. Lots of love.


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