The other day, The Best You virtual expo London finished, we just completed it

And at the end, as always, we invite guests virtually on the red carpet just to pay, say hi, and for me to thank my team and to thank all the speakers and for them to kind of share some kind words. And I felt a lot of love. I really, really did. And, um, and although I believe that personally, I’ve done quite a bit in the personal development world. I’ve done quite a bit, as far as, you know, I’ve, I’ve promoted events, I’ve put on training and helped thousands of speakers now. And I don’t know, 70,000 people have attended over the years. It must have helped and inspired someone in some way, some people. And I provided a platform to those speakers, for them to share their message. So I feel that you know, I’ve done something, but then, on the other hand, I don’t feel I’ve done enough.

And I don’t know, if, if that’s something that you feel, but, but, you know, I think we all have a time in our lives where we probably go through that stage of, you know, am I doing enough? Am I leaving some kind of legacy behind, am I helping to make the world a better place because you know, when you’re getting a little bit maturer, like I am, well, you know, you start really thinking about, well, I haven’t got that much left. You know, am I doing, am I doing well enough? Am I really leaving a Mark? And when I came up with the idea in my mind, for the best you, it was always had to be attended by hundreds of thousands of people. And I wanted to reach millions of people. And although, you know, our live events did grow exponentially, you know, virtually it’s different, it’s a different, different animal.

It’s very different now, everyone and anyone with a zoom account and a Facebook account is running events now. And it’s a very noisy place, online virtual event industry. So I don’t feel that I’ve done enough. And if we’ve gone through that ourselves personally, well, you know, my question is you, have you or are you in a place where you don’t think you’ve actually done enough yet? Are you in a place where you are starting to question, you know, am I, am I doing this quickly enough? Am I, am I, am I really making a difference? Am I helping others? Am I, am I doing enough? And my recommendation to you is, is, is to question it and if so, take action. We all know we’ve probably experienced friends or friends or close ones that have, unfortunately, you know, passed away recently or, you know, going through challenges wise financially at large to show life’s too short to hold back.

I just wanted for you to question, you know, have you, are you doing enough? I don’t personally think I have. And I’m setting myself some very big, strong, massive global targets this year. And that’s why we’re transitioning to television. That’s why we’re transitioning to doing in 2022, a big, massive global event that does reach hundreds of thousands and millions of people. Because if not, I would rather not do them. And, as I normally say Think big or stay home. So I want you to ask yourself on a daily basis, are you doing enough? Am I doing enough? Question yourself? Have you made a difference? Have you, are you making the world a better place in whatever degree? That means because you know, some people, Oh, well, you know, I’m not going to change. I’m not very common international speaker, look, maybe, maybe your project are your kids.

And that’s a beautiful one. Maybe you want to inspire them, educate them so they can go out and change the world. Maybe your community, maybe just your close friends and family. I don’t know. But if you’ve got a book in you and you haven’t done it, write it, if you, if you want to coach and help people do it, if you want to speak and become an international global speaker, speak, just do it now. Don’t, don’t, um, be at the end of your life with regrets and concerned about, you know, have you done enough?

Thank you so much. Maybe the best way with you.


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