I’m not sure about you, but I need help. Everyone needs help.

I have gone through situations personally, professionally, where I could have done with some help and, you know, unfortunately, I didn’t have it or I did have it, and it really helped me. In my book I talk about, no one’s coming to the rescue. And I mean, by that is at the end of the day, you are responsible. You are responsible of your life. You are responsible for your career. You’re responsible for your health. You’re responsible for the decisions you make, you are responsible, you are because of the decisions you made in the past. So you’re responsible, but the fact that no one, necessarily is going to come and sort it all out for you. It doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help.

I think one of the things I’ve learned with time is to really, um, go out there and reach and connect with the people that I know and ask them for advice, you know, what would you do about this? And then how could you help me? Or could you, could you connect me with someone? What’d you think about this new idea I’m working with any, it could be a colleague, it could be someone you’ve worked in the past. It could be someone that you’re just simply, you know, just you, you inspire you or you admire, um, potentially obviously, you know, a coach, a mentor, if you haven’t got one, get one, but ultimately ask for help. I know I’ve gone through many, many situations where I could have really done with more help. Um, I felt this sensation, you know, since I was young because my dad passed away and I was 15 that I could have always had done with a father, figure, someone that I could have asked for help.

Over the years I have the older, I’ve got the more I appreciate and understand the people around me and, uh, and how important it could be to ask for help. We all need help. We all need help. And especially now I think, you know, there’s a lot of people that are struggling. A lot of people at home, a lot of people that have many questions in their mind, they don’t know how to find, you know, um, a solution to what they’re going through at the moment. So, uh, we’re, we’re all going through it, but, but you personally, could you, could you do with some help, could you, could you do with someone that you could talk to about a project, an idea, a book, a new venture, how to create wealth? I don’t know. The bottom line is that if you do need help, ask for it, I’m telling you that I, we need help.

I need help the best you need help. I’m now looking at creating a global brand that reaches hundreds of millions of people, not tens of thousands, hundreds of millions of people. So I need help. I’m looking for podcasters. I’m looking for people that, uh, have, uh, maybe one, a TV show, maybe people that can copyright that can write maybe people that do social media, maybe someone that wants to work as an advisor, maybe someone wants to work in admin or, or potentially licensed or become a sponsor. I don’t know. The bottom line is if you are interested in working with me, if you’re interested in collaborating with the best you if you’re interested in, in helping, if you think that you, you could take advantage of the platform, so you could also take advantage of the, for yourself and we could scratch each other’s backs. Well, let’s do it. So I’m open to help. I’m open to speaking. I’m open to throwing ideas around. I love exploring new business and new venture opportunities. So thank you so much.

May the best be with you and Hey, ask for help. Don’t be embarrassed. Thank you so much to get us off.


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