I’m not interested, I’ve never, ever been interested in doing what everyone else is doing. Never happened and I’m not interested in doing what everyone else is doing at the moment. It doesn’t mean that I can’t learn obviously, I’ve always learned from great people. I love modeling amazing individuals that are doing fantastic things so I can learn from them, absolutely.

But I’m not interested in doing what everyone else is doing because I want to be unique, I want to be different, I want to do things differently. When everyone is doing Zoom events, when everyone’s doing virtual events, well, I don’t want to do that anymore because I don’t think we can reach as many people as we used to when we used to do live events and anyone, and everyone is doing it now so I’m not interested. I’m exploring new opportunities. That’s why we’re going down the route of TV.

I’m not interested in copying other people. I’m not interested in working with people that don’t have values and aren’t interested in maybe making the world a better place. I’m simply not interested in doing that. So I’ve given up a lot of things over my life in my life, because simply I just didn’t want to go down that route. We all go through situations personally where we give up something or we’re not interested in a specific thing and it’s the best thing that ever happens to us. It can be scary, it can be overwhelming sometimes, it’s just all new, but it’s exciting.

I think at the end of the day, ultimately you have to start exploring what could you be not interested in anymore. Maybe you’re not interested in having that job that you have now, maybe you not interested in going down the route you tried two, three years ago and you’re still pushing. Maybe you’re not interested in being in that relationship anymore, maybe you not interested in working with a specific individual or colleague. Maybe you’re interested in following the same teachings that you had 16 years ago, and maybe you want to learn something else. I don’t know.

What is it you’re not interested in? The thing is it’s a beautiful, exciting world out there. 2022, 2023 is going to be amazing if you plan, if you work on the things that you’re not interested in and you start focusing on what you want. Thank you so much and maybe the best to be with you.


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