Hey, are you thinking of being a YouTuber? Well, listen. Forget it. Forget about it.

I tell you… look, I don’t know about you, but my experience with YouTube is I’ve got a couple, two, three YouTube channels, and one of them, I think we started around 12, 15 years ago, so it was a long time ago, and it’s the NLP Life training one. And although we’ve had lots of videos, I’ve had hundreds of thousands of views, and although potentially, it has brought us a lot of business over the years, the fact is we’ve only got around 40,000 subscribers, and that’s like 12, 15 years in. The best year, we’ve been pumping content there non-stop, and we’ve got around 8,000 subscribers.

I was talking to a friend, Daryl, the other day, and I was talking to him about a client that wanted to become a YouTuber, who wanted to become a sensation. And the fact is, obviously, what he did or what she did was pretty much like everyone else does, is just record videos, record videos, record videos, and upload them, upload them, upload them, upload them on YouTube, and what happens? Well, pretty much, not much.

The fact is maybe after a couple of months, he was lucky enough to have maybe 50, 60, 70, 100 subscribers. Not everyone succeeds in becoming a YouTuber. Not everyone’s going to be getting that half a million, a million dollars because they’re an influencer. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen.

You need to be doing something different. And I think the difference is being on television. The difference is you have your own channel, you being featured and then telling everyone, telling everyone, all those hundreds of millions of people, billions of people that actually have an iPhone or those people that have Apple TV or have Roku or have Amazon or have Google Play. Tell them that they can watch your show on television. That’s the difference. That’s that makes a difference because there’s even with your interview, even with your channel, you can have your QR code. You can have call to action. You can insert adverts. You can do all sorts of things.

If you want to compete with billions of people that are uploading videos every single hour. Hundreds of millions of videos are being uploaded every single day on YouTube. If you want to compete against those hundreds of millions or billions of people uploading videos, hey, that’s your call. I don’t think it’s the right call. I don’t think it’s the right choice. I think the right choice is being on television.

My offer to you is to get involved. Get involved in the Best You TV. We’re looking for people that want to stand out. We’re looking for people that want to rise to the top. We’re looking for people that really appreciate the importance and the understanding of television on demand, of how the world has evolved and is evolving and is changing.

So sign up. Get involved with the Best You TV. Hey, listen, have a free, free 15-minute consultation. Let’s find out if it’s for you because let me tell you, it’s affordable, and not only is it affordable, you can’t afford to be on television. It is so affordable. It’s so achievable. It’s so doable. Hope to see you on the Best You TV soon.

Let’s just play this very quick commercial which will show you, basically, what we’re doing.


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