Let me ask you, TV or internet? What do you spend more time doing? Probably we spend a lot more time on the internet now.

I think it was estimated that we spend an average of four years of our life simply on social media, I think the average is around seven years on television.

But now I suppose with everything that’s going on, combined the amount of time we spend surfing the web and we also spend on social media, probably is more than television itself. But the bottom line is what engages you more? Is it television or is it internet? Look, we’re all spending a lot of time on the internet. And the bottom line is, it’s estimated that we spend an average of seven seconds on something till we move on to something else. If we’re watching, if we’re on social media, we’re literally seven seconds, we’re spinning, we’re moving, we’re doing something else.

If we’re surfing the web, we might read something, scan it, and then we’re off to doing something else and so on. And there’s no difference when you’re actually watching a live virtual event on Zoom or whatever. You’re probably distracted doing other things, checking our phone, getting up to get a coffee, or whatever it may be. The bottom line is that television gets your attention. And it’s estimated that once we decide that we’re going to sit down because we sit down on the sofa to watch television. When we decide to sit down and watch television, then obviously that’s it. Our focus is to that, to watch that show, to watch that documentary, to binge and watch the whole series, whatever it is. You get people’s attention on television. You don’t necessarily get people’s attention on social media.

You don’t necessarily get people’s attention when they’re on the web. So the bottom line is that you need to be on television. You can’t afford to be on television. And the fact is, I’ve shared this before that it is extremely affordable. Anyone and everyone can be featured, interviewed, in maybe one of our series, they can have their own show. The fact is you can’t afford to be on television. You need to stand out. You need to be different. You need to be doing things differently. 2022 and 2023 are going to be extremely exciting. The world is going to explode because we’re all desperate to get out there, have fun and do things, but we’re also desperate to do new things. This new reality is here to stay. I want you to get in touch, ask for a free 15 minute consultation. Let’s see how we can find a great spot for you to get involved in television. Let me just play this very quickly and I hope to see you soon. Thank you so much.

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