I shared a video the other day saying that forget YouTube. Now, millennials would you rather be a YouTuber, or would you rather be a TV star?

Now, look at the end of the day, you probably say “Well, it depends how much you’re going to pay me”. So when so many people are going to see me. I get it. I agree. But I think ultimately we all want to be a TV star, don’t we? And the bottom line is that you can be a TV star. You can, you can create your own content and you can put it on television.

You could put it on The Best You TV, for example, and you could be literally promoting your show on Roku targeting 60 million people, literally targeting. You could be targeting specifically who you want to watch your show and you could promote it. Not only that you could be on Apple TV with billions of people, billions of people with iPhones. You could also be on Amazon Stick. Hundreds of millions of people already subscribed to Amazon.

The bottom line is that we all want to be a TV star and it’s just not the same, is it? And you look at the biggest and the greatest and you look at all of them. Well, listen. When they really were successful which when they were on TV and if you are a sensation, maybe on YouTube, if you’re lucky enough to have half a million people subscribed to your channel. Hey, great for you. Congratulation. You’re probably going to be getting a call from TV and you’re probably not going to be interested in The Best You TV for now. But the fact is that we’re looking at producing, creating inspirational and educational concepts on The Best You TV. We want to become the biggest platform for personal development and you can afford to be on television. You can’t afford to be on television.

I shared this before for less than you’d probably spend on an average Facebook campaign that doesn’t pretty much give you anything or a Google campaign. You’ve got your own TV shows. You’re going to have your own TV channel. You might be able to get yourself a sponsor that not only pays for everything but literally gives you money. If you’re interested in getting involved in TV, give us a call. It’s a free 15 minute consultation and we can see if it’s for you. And I think that you’ve got what it takes to stand out to be on television. Give us a shot.

Thank you so much. Let me just play this quickly and I’ll see you soon.


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