I used to promote events. I used to promote events. I promoted many events and it was beautiful. I love it. I miss it. Like many of you do, I suppose as well. Are you a seminar promoter?

Are you promoting events at this point? Is it something that you’re interested in doing? I hope we get back to live events. Although I don’t think it’s going to be like it was and it can take a long, long time. But when they’ve asked me what is the future? What is the future of live events? I tell them television. The future of live events is television. Why? Because I think we need to take live events to television. The same as you show it on Facebook and the same you show it on Instagram and your YouTube channel, you need to stream it onto your TV, onto your TV channel.

Now that’s what The Best You TV is doing. The Best You TV is offering a service to potential world promoters, people that promote events for them to be able to showcase their event. And let me ask you if you do promote events, will it not be easier for you to potentially get a sponsor or sponsors that would want to put some money because your event is maybe a hybrid event where you’ve got people in the room, you’ve got people watching it remotely, plus it’s on television and it’s on-demand. Of course, they would. Now look, if you’re interested in getting involved with The Best You TV, this is the time. It’s time to get involved because as I said, it’s extremely exciting. The way I see it I want The Best You TV to become the platform where we have more than 100, 200 live events happening every single year, whatever the event may be.

Hey listen, send us information. Let’s have a look. We would potentially love to stream it. But we would love to professionalize you, your event, and your brand. And we would love to help you to generate revenue, to bring more eyeballs, to bring more customers to your events. So if you want to find out more, because we at The Best You we’re on TV. We have all our expos are there, all the live events that we’ve done are there and so many more are coming. And so many of the people that we’re working with that have channels that are founders of The Best You TV will be streaming their live events on TV and so should you too.

We would love you to fill in basically just the contact details below for a free 15-minute consultation and let’s have a talk. And guess what you probably think it’s going to be very expensive, no. No. As Jim Rohn used to say, “No.” It’s extremely affordable. Can you afford to be on television? Yes. Can you afford not to be on television? No, you can’t. You can’t afford to be not television. You need to be on television.

We hope to see you there. Fill in the contact details below because the future is bright at The Best You TV. Thank you so much.


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