I opened the video with my vans and those are an old pair of vans that I had.

Where I kind of lost everything well, I’ve lost quite a lot of things over my life, but I shared a story where I literally, in one of my journeys, one of my trips on my motorbike after losing all the possessions that I had, everything, all my photo albums, my personal belongings, the things I had from the army, which seriously is just kind of like when you, when you lose everything like that personal stuff that has that sentimental value, it’s, uh, it really, really hurts. And I’ve gone through that. And, and it was, it was a very difficult time, but going, Hey, listen, I had a couple of suitcases with clothes. And then I shared the story that literally all I had was, was a pair of vans. And that’s those, those are the pair of ads that I just showed you. Now I’ve had them for a long time.

And I definitely didn’t want to lose my vans. So I shared that on the motorbike, literally lost all my shoes apart from my pair of ants. But anyway, I was on another motorbike trip another weekend, and I’m obviously a bit of a nut job. And I left my, I left my pair of vans in the hotel. And the reason was, as I was worried about much if I can, I do have a couple of other shoes, but I was, I was wearing my motorbike and I left them there. And I remember I was absolutely gutted because they just had so much sentimental value to me. They’re kind of one of the only things that I’ve got now that have been with me for quite some time. And I remember the hotel was very sweet to send me the shoes and they send them to me in a box.

It looks, it came in that box and it looked so great and so lovely. And it was so nice to see it.

What about you, you know, well, what about, I mean, I’m saying that we all personally have gone through, through that where we’ve lost things that we have had value to us. My lost loved ones we might have lost to. I know, um, something that, that really meant a lot to us and it’s difficult. It’s, it’s very difficult, uh, to, to go through those situations where, where, you know, you, you feel lost for a time and you don’t think that life can continue, or it will never be the same. And the fact is that you know, life and time cure everything. So my, my advantage, my, my, my, my recommendation to you is, is, is to really explore and be grateful for what you have, appreciate what you have, and appreciate what you really need to have.

But if you feel that for whatever reason you can take advantage of my book, the question, which is all about finding your true purpose, or you can download it here, take advantage of it.

I believe it’s a book that’s very current. I wrote it to help people, and this is the audio version. And if you do like it, well then great. Please write a review by the physical book and leave a lovely, lovely review on Amazon. If you don’t like it, please don’t tell anyone. And if on the other hand, you feel that me through, you know, my, I don’t know, 50 odd years on the planet, 36 years as an entrepreneur, 15 years at the forefront of the personal development world industry, through NLP live training and the best you, and as a coach, as a mentor and, and through my brand, The Best You, The Best You TV and The Best You Online, the best you’re online. If you feel that I personally could help you coach you mentor you to get through whatever it is that you need to get through. Well, Hey, uh, scan that there.

Apart from that, I always want to say is, listen, lots of love and may the best be with you. Take care.


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