I shared on Instagram very briefly, and I just wanted to go a little bit further here about me riding on motorbikes and my motorcycle trips.

I love them. I’ve been riding since I’m 12, 14. I’ve been very, very lucky to ride all over the world and I’ve had phenomenal experiences. And I remember every single trip, I really, really do. And I shared the other day, basically the cons and pros of driving. Look, I’ve been doing it now for a long time. I’ve been traveling literally also… with COVID I’ve been traveling backward and forwards from London to Spain and I’ve done quite a few trips. I did one once in a day, which was madness. I left at 5:00 in the morning and I got in at 1:00 in the morning, nonstop, But now I do it in two days. I tend to take a little bit of time.

And look, the cons are… they’re many, okay? Because your body hurts when you get off, you can’t feel it. You’re riding for two days and you’ve got a lot of time to think for two days, and you can get wet, very, very wet. I got rain, so much rain. I got four hours of relentless rain. I mean, there were parts of me I didn’t even know could get wet. It was just so bad. And you can’t see much. You can’t see much. And you’re hurting and you’re… well, you’re not scared, you’re focused. You’re very, very focused. Very challenging.

Petrol costs you a lot of petrol. The tolls in France are so ridiculously, ridiculously expensive and the list goes on. But then on the other hand, when I finish and when I… Why would I do it? Well, the pros for me, it’s because you have two days to think. That’s one of the reasons I do it. The phone is off. There are no messages. I’m just literally driving. And I’m normally either listening to music or no music at all, and I’m very, very present, especially when it’s raining. And then you can’t, because if you deviate, you take your eye off the road for one minute off the road, especially when it’s raining and so challenging, it could be bad. But it’s because of that, of being focused, living in the now, staying in that present, I love it. Absolutely love it. And I always say I’ll never do it again, but then I go and do it again.

And look, I think we all need time. We all need time. We all need our time to reset, to reset ourselves, to be able to rethink whatever it is that we’re doing and disconnect, turn the phone off, stop looking at it. And if it’s not riding a bike, well then I highly recommend going for a walk. Just go walk on the beach, just sit on the terrace, just turn your phone off and just sit there and manage your thoughts. Meditate, control your mind.

I have had the scariest experiences on my bike. I’ve had the most beautiful experiences on my bike. And I share more, but I can tell you that it is because we all need that downtime and we learn from those moments of when we get scared when we’re focused. We learn things and we remember them. We remember them. When we’ve had a challenging time, they’re very fresh in our memory. But we come stronger, we become stronger from it. I’ve always learned something from every single trip that I’ve done, from every challenge that I’ve had in life and on my motorbike.

And I’m going to share quite a few more stories. I’ve got so many more to share. But in the meantime, what I wanted to say was, is that look, just find peace in your mind for you to be able to disconnect and stay focused. And just remember that you are the most amazing individual and you’ve got so much potential within you.

You just have to sit down and appreciate it. Okay, take care, and may the best be with you. Lots of love.

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