And then another, I’m driving into Paris. This is the same day, I’m driving into Paris. And all of a sudden I can see it’s raining and it starts raining so much.

Again, there’s no way to nowhere to stop. I’m stuck in traffic. Nowhere for me to stop and get changed. I’m still half wet. I said to the elements, “Okay, bring it on.” Well, that’s what I said. I said in my mind, “Come on, bring it on, bring me what you got.” And, oh my God, did it bring what it had. It was hailstones. It was the most ridiculous, I mean, there was water, buckets of water in my boots, both my boots, my jeans completely soaked. I was so drenched. I didn’t know I could get wet in the places I was wet.

The moral of the story here is, is that, have you? We all do that. We all go through life sometimes and we just carry on and we just carry on and we don’t prepare ourselves. We don’t get ready. We don’t change the kit. We don’t change our story. We don’t change what we need to be doing because no, no, no, no, no, this is what I’ve done. This is what I know. I’m going to continue doing it. And it doesn’t work and it doesn’t work.

And when you want to change, when you want to get changed, it might be too late, and not only might be too late, don’t poke the dragon. Don’t ask the elements, “Hey, give me what else you’ve got,” because I’ve done that. And if you’re doing that in work, what else, what worse could happen to me? Something worse could happen to you.

I know you’re amazing. I know you have phenomenal potential. And I know that you realize and appreciate the importance of having the right mindset, being coached, being mental or reading, and learning from the right people. Because it’s simple advice like this sometimes, that can really change your life.

With that in mind, may the best be with you. May the best be with you. Lots of love to you.

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