Watch the recording of the webinar. The Love Event will take place in Miami in Feb 2022. In this webinar, we bring you a preview, a taster, of what you can expect at this global and life-changing event.

Among Bernardo’s guests, we will bring you some of our The Best You Partners, David Fagan, and Mas Sajady.

We will give you insights into the guest speakers, the panels, the subjects we will be discussing, the gala, and the opportunities to get involved.

An event to look at the world through the lens of love rather than the lens of fear, to highlight love conversations, give kudos to kind people, and an act of kindness.

Speak Exhibit Sponsor Attend

Fundamentally to create awareness and educate people around the challenges of the XXIst century.

To be streamed on The Best You TV.

“The Love Event” will take place and intends to connect with people globally and yearly to bring together the biggest minds, the top influencers, leaders, and thinkers to find ways together where we can bring love to the world through kindness and awareness.

PLEASE, PLEASE Fill out the survey form here. We will share the results at the webinar. (It only takes a few minutes)


The Love Event Speakers – Exhibitors- Sponsors Application Form

Join us With love.


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