Hey Bernardo here.

So yeah, it’s the first video I’ve actually shared about my Ayahuasca experience.

I just got back from Peru. I was there in Peru for nearly a month, but I spent a couple of weeks in Cusco and I did my Ayahuasca ceremony there, plus a big detox. It was just absolutely phenomenal. I never understood what spiritual awakening meant and I do now. Basically, my spirit woke up at that ceremony. It was absolutely life-changing. It was, I don’t know.

I couldn’t really express in a couple of minutes, you know, kind of what I felt and what I learned from it. What I will tell you is that if anything, it made me more aware of obviously, you know, how we are part of this planet and how we’re part of the universe. And we simply tell ourselves that we’ll literally, you know, just go back to the earth and then hopefully, will come back either reincarnated or we become an animal or something in the future, hopefully.

So we can live again. But at the moment, obviously, you know, what I learned from that is, is that we have so much more wisdom within us and that, you know, to a degree, we are capable of doing the most amazing things. And then, then we don’t tap into that intuition that we have. I was already on this journey of discussing love. Talking about love I was in the process of writing a book.

I already had scheduled the love event. But if anything came clearly from the Ayahuasca experience, what about love? It really is all about love. I felt the most amazing experience through that process. And for me, if anything has given me the power and the push and the drive, even more, to create a massive event around love and to reach as many people as I can.

Although I feel that I’ve done something in the personal development world, I know I’ve done nothing and I’m on this mission now to create and have real conversations around love, around kindness, around caring, but most importantly, how can we elevate our consciousness and how can we become more conscious? And what are the conversations we shouldn’t be having regarding consciousness? Should we be more conscious of slavery or more conscious of racism? Should we be more conscious of global warming?

You name it, there are hundreds of subjects. And if you haven’t filled the survey, please make sure that you fill it in because you’ve got it below and I need help. I need help from people so they can share what they feel love is and what we should be talking about. But what I want to tell you, is that as far as I’m concerned, this is the most important, important event I’ve done in my life.

And I think the most important thing that you can do in your life is to realize as quickly as you can, how important love is. And love isn’t only about relationships Because at the end of the day, at the end, end of the day, whatever you’ve made financially, whatever you’ve got materialistically you know, won’t really represent much. It’s going to be much more or really focusing at the end of your day on the memories and the people that you’ve loved and the people that have loved you.

And how have you made a difference and how have you made this planet a better place when you leave? So I hope you join me on this event that we are organizing in February 2022 in Miami, it’s going to be live, it’s going to be streamed, and it’s also going to be on The Best You TV. And it’s the project I’m most excited about.

And I’m watching, as I said, a couple of books around, back around, around the subject of love, and I’m also going to be writing another book, which actually came from the Ayahuasca experiences that you are not alone and you never have been, but anyway, that’s for another day.

Thank you so much and May The Best Be With You!, lots of luck, take care

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