A Man Evolving

In this book, Bernardo shares his insights into his journey as a married man, how for part of it he was living a lie, falling in love, out of love, broken hearts, rejection, moving on and living.

The world with all its complexities, challenges and uncertainties can sometimes become scary. Having someone to love, feeling loved or someone special that loves you can ease the potential fear and shift you to feeling powerful.

Relationships, whether long-term or monogamous are becoming questioned due to the pressures of society and lack of communication. The truth is, the world is evolving quickly.

Are we afraid to talk about love?
Are we expressing our feelings?
Are couples communicating?
Are many couples living a lie?
Is love, talking about love too much of a private conversation?

The book aimed at evolving love, through sharing showing love and being love.

The intention of this book is:

For men and women to feel the same degree and integrity of love and quality of love that I have experienced with my partners.

For men, in particular, to be more honest and open with their feelings.

For couples to communicate more and express how they feel.

For men to stop thinking with their “male organ” all the time.

“Moya redefines what it means to be a man…and in love”

The Los Angeles Tribune

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