The Best You

The Best You

We are the experts in lifestyle enhancement who believe everyone deserves to realise their dreams. We bring people inspiration at our ground-breaking seminars and connect them with the leading voices in the field through our exhibitions, workshops and on and offline content.

In a cluttered world of personal development, we provide a home to our authors, thinkers and customers, a place where they can share or find the best guidance and knowledge. We provide them with the necessary tools so they can develop themselves.

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The Best You Expo

The Expo explores topics like wealth, health, entrepreneurship, confidence, aging, mindfulness practices, phobia cures, passionate living,female empowerment, breaking self-limiting beliefs, divorce coaching, and much, much more.

Speakers come from a variety of sectors, including business, finance, health, neuroscience and new age philosophies, as well as entrepreneurs andleading CEOs. Attendees come with a like-minded purpose: to discover purpose, meaning, better well-being, health, self-improvement and career growth.

The Best You Legacy Club

The Best You Legacy Club helps individuals and businesses find their purpose. By building people, we build businesses and help find a meaning to why we do it. We create events all around the world, we brainstorm with like-minded people that want to contribute, help, share and make a difference. In these safe havens, we build communities of individuals, support causes, charities, legacies or creating our own. Ultimately we help people discover their true purpose – find their legacy.

The Best You Magazine

The Best You Magazine

It seems as though everywhere you look, people are trying to better themselves. The Best You Magazine looks at bettering every aspect of yourself, from business success and relationships to health, beauty and spirituality. This is your antidote to the blues.

The Best You Tv

The Best You TV

A video platform showcasing an array of inspiring imagery, from the latest interviews from The Best You to videos that have gone viral on the internet that we feel are particularly motivational. For those looking to learn something and feel something while doing it.

The Best You Ediciones

The Best You Ediciones (Spain)

The Best You Publishing is a book publisher that offers attractive, high-quality information and related visual field of personal development and self-help, in diverse areas.

NLP Life Training

NLP Life training is the largest NLP Training organisation in the world, from brief introductory evening seminars through to advanced trainings. We intend to tailor different kinds of events with the intention of meeting all our clients’ requirements.

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