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I was not comfortable being called a Visionary

There are certain words that I was very uncomfortable with when I was younger, and not a lot younger, maybe six, eight, 10 years ago.

The New Three R’s – the building blocks of success

At different times and in different contexts, success can wear many different faces. So what is success? What is it not? And what three traits are common to all successful people? Success – what is it? In the self-improvement world, the word success is often used, yet never really explained. In reality it is person and context specific. Most people imagine success means health, financial independence […]

In The Words Of The Great Les Brown | Testimonial For Bernardo Moya

This is a God moment to me because you, as much as you have chosen this path, you were chosen for this work.

I Am Going To be Selfish | Bernardo Moya | Rise To The Top

I’m going to be selfish. The Title of my next book is called “Selfish Development” In my latest book is called The Quest to Find a True Purpose, and it ends with the idea of selfish and being selfish, and selfish development. So I’ve spent my last 10, 11 years promoting over a thousand speakers, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna. I’ve […]

Never Give Up on YOU | Bernardo Moya | Rise To The Top

I’m Bernardo the CEO of NLP Life Training, the founder of The Best You, and the author of The Question. I’m going to share some strategies with you. As we know, NLP is all about strategies. How do you do what you do? And I’ve obviously been NLP trained, and it’s certainly by me understanding what I do is where […]

I am re-inventing myself. Are you? | Bernardo Moya | Rise To The Top

I’m reinventing myself again. Are You? I don’t even know how many times I’ve reinvented myself and then I’ve had to do something new. I was explaining that reinventing yourself isn’t necessarily becoming a completely new you. It’s obviously using your experience, your expertise, using your track record and what you’re good at, and then reviewing the new trends. Learning […]

I Do NOT Eat Breakfast – Here’s Why

If you don’t feel good and you don’t feel great, then you’re just simply not going to have the right mindset.

Is The Best You an NLP brand?

We need to learn from the best and we need to learn each and everything and as many things as we can.

Never Give Up on YOU

The mindset comes also from what I call the holistic approach of making sure that you eat well, you exercise, you meditate, but you have to have the right mindset.

Stand UP and Get MOVING

I’m suggesting to people to maybe play a commercial. So if it’s a recording, do that. And then maybe play a quick commercial. Something that talks about you, some testimonials.

Treating Alcohol Addiction (Advice from David Smallwood)

I’m not afraid of dying. What I am afraid of is actually feeling the way I felt before I stopped, which was awful, it was a complete nightmare.

The Frustrations You Need to Reinvent Yourself

I started the brand The Best You and I understood my inner resilience and how it is possible to reinvent yourself.

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