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In The Words Of The Great Les Brown | Testimonial For Bernardo Moya

This is a God moment to me because you, as much as you have chosen this path, you were chosen for this work.

I Am Going To be Selfish | Bernardo Moya | Rise To The Top

I’m going to be selfish. The Title of my next book is called “Selfish Development” In my latest book is called The Quest to Find a True Purpose, and it ends with the idea of selfish and being selfish, and selfish development. So I’ve spent my last 10, 11 years promoting over a thousand speakers, Richard Bandler, Paul McKenna. I’ve […]

Never Give Up on YOU | Bernardo Moya | Rise To The Top

I’m Bernardo the CEO of NLP Life Training, the founder of The Best You, and the author of The Question. I’m going to share some strategies with you. As we know, NLP is all about strategies. How do you do what you do? And I’ve obviously been NLP trained, and it’s certainly by me understanding what I do is where […]

Is Netflix Wrong? I think the are RIGHT!

Watch the trends, get on TV, get online. Don’t waste any time, do it now. Stand out, rise to the top. That’s my suggestion, that’s what I believe in.

Up Your Game – Go Pro – Attend The Best You Expo

One of the things that we’re going to be bringing forward to The Best You Expo is the idea of professionalizing the quality of the talks.

Join Us, become part of The Best You

I wanted to, first of all, thank you. Thank you for being part of The Best You community. I hope you’re taking advantage of a lot of the resources we have, The Best You online, The Best You magazine.

How Do You Stay Focused and In The NOW?

I take these times to think. I take these times to reflect. I take these times for me. I highly recommend that you take maybe your think week and put that into your life, moving forward.

How to Become an Entrepreneur (John Lee)

If I had someone at the time and I know I had a mentor, but I wish I would’ve got more mentors to teach me different aspects and areas of my life.

Do You Know How to Build a Brand? I DO and I Can Help You

Be smart, be clever and make sure that you don’t spend all the money that I have. Don’t spend the 10 years that I have. You don’t have to. And use other people’s platforms.

Do You Dream of Being on TV? I Can Help You!

I’d love to be able to see how I can bring the best out of you and bring that expertise that maybe or probably you don’t even know you have yourself.

Why Surrounding Yourself With Excellent People Works

In order for you to become the best version of yourself, you have to surround yourself with the best

Why I Was Lucky Losing Everything

I am a great believer that out of every adversity, as Napoleon Hill says, comes an equal or greater opportunity.

Do More – Network More | The Best You Expo

One of the things that I think is an advantage of the virtual events that we’re living now is that (and I really believe that a lot of people not really understanding this) there’s so much more data than you can collect when you are in a virtual event.

Don’t Underestimate The REAL Power Of The Best You EXPO

One of the most important things that I highly recommend you do is don’t underestimate the power of the people that are there, which are colleagues and people that you could definitely work with.

From Six to Fourteen Thousand: What The Best You Has Become

If you have the opportunity, either to get involved in The Best You expo or to work with me, I highly recommend because, look, we’ve got the platform.

Are you interested in going GLOBAL? Selling books in India and more insights

Look, go all in, make sure that you really look at going global, global. I think this is probably one of the most exciting times in this century, without a doubt.

The Advantages of Virtual Events

We’re going to be engaging with them throughout the whole week, and that’s why I think the best you expose it virtually with the different locations we have and the potential opportunities for you to connect with so many more people and really connect with them in a deeper level than you probably could even with a live, I think is very, very exciting.

Why Would You? Use Other People’s Platforms

The reason why it makes sense and it makes sense for other people to use our platform is because it’s all taken care of.

Why associating with a Global Brand helps to grow your business.

One of the reasons why I created The Best You was because I didn’t see a platform out there that was similar to ours. I just didn’t see it.

Are you making a difference?

Good day to you wherever you are in the world! Here we have our latest, bright and shiny issue of The Best You. This last month has been a fabulous time for me in which I saw many projects coming to fruition. One of them was the Masterclass Series of seminars. These were two fabulous days in which two masters […]

What does it take to be The Best?

In the month that we hear that David Beckham, the world’s highest-paid footballer is to retire from the game, it’s a question well worth asking. In The Best You this month, we put David Beckham under the microscope to find clues about his life. The lessons we learn from him are true for so many of the world’s great achievers. […]

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