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Bernardo Moya, Chief Inspiration Officer and founder of The Best You, entrepreneur, author of the best selling book "The Question", speaker, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter is ready to help you now!
He's been in business for over 35 years, he is the editor in chief of The Best You Magazine, a producer and promoter for one of the biggest names in Personal Development.
Through it's 8 brands, Bernardo's objective is to provide education and inspiration to people from all over the world through The Best You Legacy Clubs and The Best You Online and the largest personal development events in the world through The Best You EXPOs, an event held in London and LA that has been attended by over 70.000 attendees.
Bernardo has amazing connections and worked with the biggest names and leaders in the industry and promoted more than 700 speakers in all his events.

As CEO of NLP Life Training,

Bernardo has been the promoter of lifestyle expert and bestselling author Paul McKenna and has worked and trained very closely with the the co-creator of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Dr. Richard Bandler for the last 10 years.
Bernardo is NLP trained and also provides personal mentoring and coaching services to selected clients all around the world.
With a vast knowledge of how to run a successful business, he has expertise in building brands, marketing, selling and great expertise on how to promote events, networking or product creation.
He also helps his clients in self motivation, mindset, staying on track to reach your goals, ultimately ways to find your purpose and leave a legacy!
His mentoring has a unique no nonsense no approach.
For years Bernardo Moya has been driven by one powerful idea:
EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, is here for a reason and we are obliged to become the Best Version Of Ourselves. He also believes that in order to leave a Legacy, you have to find your purpose first.
Bernardo Moya

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Push You
Provide You Connections
The Know How
Recommend you what to read, courses to attend.
Get you special deals in any training anywhere in the world.
Save you value time and money.
Speaking Opportunities at his events including The Best You EXPO.
NLP Training.
Access to The Legacy Club network worldwide.
Connect you to all his Legacy Club Directors and Members.
Access to his massive vault of content and so much more.

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