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The Need to Establish Our Own Reality

I was sharing in a video recently about they thought I was mad, which was the whole idea around The Best You Expo.

I had this concept, this idea of getting experts, leaders, thought-provoking leaders to get together with people that are seeking, looking for answers, because people in the personal/professional growth are very, very generous. But everyone is very niche, and I wanted to be anti-niche because I think wellbeing has to be broad. I wanted families to come along. I wanted anyone and everyone to be there. This first event was a challenge. I remember I didn’t sleep for four months because there was so many… We had six breakout rooms. We had 55 speakers. There was a lot of logistics, but also getting the people in. I remember the first day I went out to see how we were doing when the event started, and there was literally six people in the queue.

I wanted to die. I wanted to die.

And I thought, “Oh, my God. What am I going to do?” The joke is I was thinking, “Can I go to the bar? It’s too early,” I thought. I was only joking. But the fact is that I was so scared. But anyway, the show grew, and we went from three to six to 12 to 14-and a-half thousand people. That’s what happened, is last year I went to London. I had no idea how many people are going to show up because you never know. I literally walked out, and I couldn’t see the end of the queue. So I had to walk on the other side of the street, and I still couldn’t see the end of the queue. There were at least 2,000 people waiting, and I remember it was such a beautiful moment. But I got so nervous. I didn’t even photograph it.

So the reason I’m sharing this is that at the end of the day, you have to establish what your own reality is. You have to establish what is possible and isn’t possible, and don’t let anyone, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re mad. That’s what happened. My event manager said to me, “Bernardo. Bernardo.” When we finished that first event, she said to me in that first day. She said, “Bernardo, you have to be realistic.” And the answer, my answer to hers, was that we all establish our own reality. So you establish yours. Don’t let anyone tell you what you are capable of doing, what is possible, and what isn’t.

Go and create amazing things that have never, ever been done before. Thank you.