Becoming a great communicator, becoming a public speaker, being able to go on stage and share your wisdom and expertise and ideas, being able to connect with people, really connect to inspire them, to trigger something in their mind in their lives so they can go and change the world and make the world a better place, is a beautiful thing.

It’s one of the most exciting things for me. I love it. I love being able to help people, inspire them, and get them to ask themselves questions. And if it’s not something that you’ve done, I highly recommend you do.

And there are a lot of companies out there that provide you those skills. And so do we. And so do I. With our coaching mentoring program, I’ve helped a lot of people over the years. But the most important thing we’ve done is provide them the platform. Now probably close to 1000 people, we provided them the platform for them to share their ideas or expertise. And then we’ve connected them with individuals that can then potentially, hopefully, work with them. Be coached by them, mentored by them, buy their books, whatever it is.

So becoming a great speaker then, doesn’t necessarily guarantee you the platform. And that’s one of the things that I believe that we do. One of the things that I believe The Best You can do better. Because not everyone and anyone can become a promoter. Not anyone and everyone wants to become a promoter. I’ve seen this quite often, and especially in a time now where digital is a little bit more available for all of us. And a lot of people are trying to fill the gap, and all of a sudden trying to become event promoters. Let me tell you, it’s not an easy thing to do. It’s a difficult skill. And promoting an event requires so many different parts to fall together, and ultimately to obviously have a lot of attendees.

I highly recommend when it comes down to exploring and becoming a great public speaker, you connect with someone or you connect with a platform that can provide you the skills where you can reach people. And only you can reach people. It’s also a place where your content is going to be available forever, evergreen content. So where is your talk going? First of all, is it being recorded? If it is being recorded, then where does it go? And that’s where the idea of having it available then on an online platform for people to see, to reach more people again, for it to be transcribed, for it to be created as a podcast, for it to be maybe even put on a TV platform, that’s what you’re looking for.

That’s the kind of partnership you’re looking for. And those are the kinds of places you want to be speaking at.

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