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Bernardo Moya - More Motivation
Bernardo Moya - More Motivation

How To Create Unstoppable Motivation!

In this book, world renowned Promoter, Author and Thought Leader Bernardo Moya is going to teach you...

  • The importance of your physical state, and how to master your inner voice so you become the Manager of Your Mind.
  • The importance of having clear goals and how to create and plan your own strategies for success.
  • How take charge of your psychology so you have the inner confidence you need to succeed.
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“I enjoy working with Bernardo, he’s a good guy. He genuinely feels for the people that are working with him.”
Testimonial Andrew Cratchley
Andrew Cratchley
“He’s heart centred, very genuine and really does want to help, so that’s what makes you want to do what he wants you to do.”
Testimonial Katy Roberts
Katy Roberts
“He knows what it’s like to doubt yourself, he knows what it’s like to get past that doubt, and he knows what it’s like to fail and then to rebuild."
Testimonial Julia Keller
Julia Keller
Bernardo Moya
About Your Teacher Bernardo Moya
Bernardo Moya is an entrepreneur, author and thought leader, as well as a world renowned, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter.
He is also the Chief Inspirational Officer of The Best You which hosts one of the largest Personal Development events in the United States and the UK.
Bernardo has been the catalyst for change to countless people from around the world in helping them tap into their true potential, and live without limits.
Bernardo is a respected and trusted author and promoter to some of the biggest names in personal development including best selling author Paul McKenna, and the co-creator of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Dr. Richard Bandler.
More Motivation is a wonderful book that has inspired and changed the lives of many who have read it and applied the teachings from this extraordinary man.

You Were Born To Make A Difference!

Everyone possesses the ability to do extraordinary things in life. If there was nothing holding you back, who would you become? Once you decide to become the person you're meant to be, extraordinary things begin to happen!
The Manager Of Your Mind

You Are The Manager Of Your Mind

To be truly motivated you need a positive voice that encourages you and motivates you.
This book will teach you how to control the negative inner voice we all have inside our minds.
Creative Visualisation

Creative Visualisation

The top athletes, performers and the most successful people in the world all visualise the outcomes that they desire.
Learn how to harness this incredibly powerful part of your mind!
Developing Clear Goals And Strategies

Developing Clear Goals And Strategies

Knowing what you want is one thing, knowing how to achieve it is another.
You are going to learn the strategies you will need to achieve whatever you want from life.
Bernardo Moya - More Motivation
How To Create Unstoppable Motivation!
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