Why do I think Roku is the next big thing?

Look, it’s very interesting out there now, with everyone on social media, everyone sharing content, Facebook, Instagrams, lives and all sorts of things. So it’s very extremely competitive, okay? When I used to run events, live events, well, there wasn’t that many people that used to do those very big, large events like we did, and now pretty much anyone and everyone can run a virtual event. So it’s a very, very competitive market. Now, do you want to be there or would you rather be somewhere else where there are less people competing, but there are more people that you can approach. And you can approach at a much cheaper call to action, at a much cheaper cost per lead.

And that’s what Roku brings you.

We’ve moved towards television because the reality of television is there. Netflix is a reality. We know that, and Apple TV and Amazon Fire and Roku, all these platforms and Google, the reason they’re going there is because they have understood quite a few years ago that people will watching television on demand. They will watch it when they want to watch it. But what I love about Roku is that Roku is the first channel that allows you to advertise target market, the 60, 70 million viewers that they have and growing, they reckon that Roku will become one of the biggest platforms out there. And they also say that there’s going to be around 120 million smart televisions in the next couple of years in the US. So that is phenomenal because literally with your television, you can now click on any app. You can watch anything, and it literally is TV a la carte.

But the great thing about Roku is that you could have your own show. You can have your own program, your own talk that you did at an event, specifically as an episode. And you could then go and target the specific viewers based on gender, based on country, based on location, based on state, based on revenue, income, exactly like you could do with Google. Exactly the same way you can do with Facebook, but a fraction of the price. That’s what’s exciting about Roku. It’s the only platform that’s allowing you to advertise in their platform. So we’re very excited about that. And that’s one of the reasons why we moved towards television is because we want to tap into those 195 million people that watch TV on demand. And we want to become the first personal professional growth platform that really caters for anyone and everyone that is seeking, looking for educational content and is looking and seeking at connecting with the biggest thinkers in the industry.

So my advice is keep an eye on a Roku. If you haven’t got a Roku stick, get one. It’s very cheap, very affordable, and start watching things on content. You can watch us, The Best You TV. We’re available on Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku. Thank you so much. Take care. Have a great day.

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