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A Shift In My Priorities

I hope you can join me on this new venture and exciting project on the 6th of November. This isn’t merely a project; it’s a mission, born from years of understanding the challenges and triumphs within the personal development industry. It’s an incubator where: 🚀 Your ideas take flight through collaborative initiatives.🌟 Your expertise is […]

My Mum Used To Call Me A Dreamer

I remember the days when my mum would look at me, a twinkle in her eye, and say, “You’re such a dreamer.” She wasn’t wrong. From my early days as a DJ to my ventures in real estate and event promotion, I’ve always been driven by a vision, a dream of creating something bigger than […]

Roku IS Going To Be The Next Big Thing

My advice is keep an eye on a Roku. If you haven’t got a Roku stick, get one. It’s very cheap, very affordable, and start watching things on content.

Taking Advantage of the Rock Bottom In Life

Take advantage of those down moments to really clean the drawers, clean the fridge, do everything that you need to do and start with a complete new mindset that can take you wherever it is that you want to go.