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A Shift In My Priorities

I hope you can join me on this new venture and exciting project on the 6th of November. This isn’t merely a project; it’s a mission, born from years of understanding the challenges and triumphs within the personal development industry. It’s an incubator where: 🚀 Your ideas take flight through collaborative initiatives.🌟 Your expertise is […]

Why I Created The Best You

You know, when I first dove into the world of personal development, I noticed something… odd. Everywhere I looked, it was the same familiar faces, the established names, hogging the limelight. But what about the unsung heroes?The brilliant minds just waiting for their shot? That’s why I created “The Best You.” Not for the big […]

Join Us, become part of The Best You

I wanted to, first of all, thank you. Thank you for being part of The Best You community. I hope you’re taking advantage of a lot of the resources we have, The Best You online, The Best You magazine.

My 7 Tips to NEVER Giving Up

When you’re leading the way when you’re a visionary when you’re trying to move forward and you’re trying to make things happen that no one else has done before.

Roku IS Going To Be The Next Big Thing

My advice is keep an eye on a Roku. If you haven’t got a Roku stick, get one. It’s very cheap, very affordable, and start watching things on content.

How Do You Stay Focused and In The NOW?

I take these times to think. I take these times to reflect. I take these times for me. I highly recommend that you take maybe your think week and put that into your life, moving forward.

Can You See The Future? I CAN

I see a future where if we carry on doing what we’re doing and we’re involved in television and we’re involved in embracing this new reality that we have, because it is what it is.