Hi. When I came up with the idea of The Best You, it was because when I was looking at events, and I was looking at personal development events, they were always focused on something in particular.

It was very niche, and I had this idea in my mind that we had to be anti-niche. Why? Because the older you get, the more you understand how little you understand and how little we know. And I wanted to explore and learn new things, things that I hadn’t learned when I was younger. We all have different needs at different times of our lives, and I wanted an event where families could come together, parents could come with their kids, and they could enjoy something. Maybe they could learn something new and a mother could go into one breakout room to learn, I don’t know, maybe yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and maybe the dad could go and listen to someone talking about emotional intelligence.

That was my idea, that’s what I envisioned. And that’s why when it came down to The Best You, I wanted to have a place where we had 10, 12, 15 breakout rooms with all different experiences. That’s where we had a room which was called passion to profit. We have a room called mindfulness and wellbeing, yoga and meditation, the inspiration zone, the man cave, the empowering women, and so on. So we had all these different, beautiful, breakout rooms, and that’s how The Best You came to become a reality, because we were throwing so many different ideas and experiences at people throughout a period of time. And we did that, and that’s what I love about personal professional growth. That’s what I think it is.

So we created this place, a place for learning, a place where we say, basically, that you arrive with questions and you leave with answers, and that’s what it’s all about for me. We have to have, and we have to ask ourselves empowering questions. And I wanted people to experience that. And we’ve seen that, people have come to our events, they came maybe for an hour, a couple of hours, to see a couple of speakers. And they found themselves sitting in a completely different room, listening to someone else, and then all of a sudden having an aha moment. Or we saw people will come for one day and then they stayed for two days.

And as I’ve grown older as well, I’ve got to understand how to open your senses and to really appreciate serendipity. Every single thing happens for a reason. So when you meet someone, you connect with someone, and you start connecting those dots, beautiful things happen. That’s what I loved, and that’s what we managed to do, and it’s been beautiful to see over the years so many people still saying that it all started at The Best You. People curing themselves with phobias and coming to meet the snake a year, two years later to say hi.

We’ve seen and heard so many great, beautiful testimonials and stories of people that have connected with the most amazing people. And for me, it’s been beautiful to see that people’s lives maybe had a turning point because of The Best You. So I hope you can join us, either live or on our online platforms and online events now, because we continue to do what we started doing, and we’re just getting started. Thank you.


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