Can I see the future?

I say I can. I see the future. And the way I see the future is by visualizing. I love visualizing and I love especially visualizing through timelines.

It’s something that I’ve found. I’ve learned obviously with an LP, I learned within my master prac, and it’s something that I use and do with my clients all the time. Every time I work with someone, I always start with a timeline. And then, we review that time. We do another one at the end of our one year working together, or whatever, or through the program, or as a one-off.

Timelines are extremely powerful because it allows you… It allows you to do that. It allows you to look into the future. What will the future look like? Because anything and everything that you want to happen, anything and everything that you would like to create, anything and everything that you would like to become a reality at first has to become a reality in your mind. So, I always see the future. I saw how I wanted to develop it so many years ago, and it’s only starting to materialize now.

I also see the future when it comes down to new projects and new things that I want to do. If I’ve done the research, and I’ve studied something, and I think that this is a way it’s going to… things are going to move because I’ve read, or because of the indicators, or trends, or because I’m modeling what learning from companies that are successful. Then, that’s what I’d follow through.

That is me then going in, and really closing my eyes, and looking into the future, and really going into the details. I would see what I would see, I would hear what I would hear, and I would feel what I would feel, and I would do that. And, I would go into the future six months, and I’d go into a year. And, what would it look like, and who would have helped me, who would have supported me, what were the things that I would’ve done differently? And then, I would go into two years and I’d go into three years. And then again, I would live in that now, live in the present, experience what I would experience, and feel what I would feel.

And again, the most exciting thing about timelines is when you turn back, when you go back from the future, coming back into your present, and then you start looking back at all the things that you did, and all the things that you didn’t do, and what you could’ve done, should’ve done, or would’ve done differently. And then, you bring those teachings and learnings back to the present.

So, do I see the future? Yes, I do. And, I see a bright future. I see a future where if we carry on doing what we’re doing and we’re involved in television and we’re involved in embracing this new reality that we have, because it is what it is. There’s nothing I can do about that. I can only just try, and accommodate, and again, learn from the best, and follow the new trends. And then, go all in. All in. All or nothing. That’s something I believe. But anyway, that’s my thoughts. I do see the future and I hope you see the future too. Visualize timelines. Thank you.

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